May 11, 2009

Summery Miniature Dolls

Since summer is around the corner here in the Midwest, I thought it wasn't too early to share a couple of summer-inspired dolls I've dressed.

The first, my flamingo lady, was made as part of the "Fanny" doll contest and project at the Mini Doll List. (You can see more of the dolls at the website.)

There was a free tutorial to make the flamingos. I made mine from Model Magic Clay which I painted and clear-coated. I had the idea of dressing the doll as a retiree out spending a day shopping. The doll is the Maisy mold from Cynthia Howe dolls, I believe, and was originally painted by Dana of Miniature Art.

I gaudied up some of the doll's face and added more color as I wanted her to be a little more flamboyant to match her summery outfit, made from part of the provided dress pattern. I designed the jacket and capris, and made her sandals.

The half-scale mermaid was made and painted by Bonnie Glasier. This was the first half-scale doll I did. Yes, she is so tiny! (Only about 3 inches tall!)

It was fun figuring out how to dress her. I gave her to my sister as a gift last year. You can see some of Bonnie's miniature dolls and her doll kits for sale at her Webshots site.

** See more of the miniature dolls I made at my miniature dolls page at my website.


Katie said...

Gees there anything you can't do??? I love the dolls...That first one cracks me up....Flamingos?? Too funny! Love that ladies clothes, too....And the mermaid~ lucky sister!! :)

Debbie said...

Beautiful Dolls. Love the Mermaid..

Anonymous said...

OOh, the mermaid is pretty. Love it!