April 06, 2009

Eye Candy: Pretty Little Lady Miniatures

Today, I thought I'd share a few of the little "lady" items I finished in the "Shop 'Til You Drop" class Thursday at the Tom Bishop International Dollhouse Show in Chicago.

There were so many items to finish that I am still working on the trim on the chaise and decorating the clothing boxes. There's also a bra and panties set to make, a lace-front shirt and a pillow. I have a couple things to do to the folding screen also. I will post more photos when I finish.

(The shoes were fun and easy to do, made with suede paper. The shoe base is a "sandwich" of a leather bottom, index card and a suede inside. The bows are teensy fingernail decorations. The shoes even had little Fimo clay heels! Neat, huh?)

I love the tower of boxes! And the suitcase was easy but effective - simply gluing straw over a wood block, then add a suede strip handle and tiny gold sticker pieces for hardware. (The stickers look like tiny rectangles and come in strips.) The bag is vellum with the teacher Cindy Crane's own art reduced and printed on it. I'm gong to try that with the vellum I had (and didn't know why I bought!)

Unfortunately, I didn't get back to the show itself, but I am going to contact a couple vendors to buy some things since I've now got a bug about making some more items like the mini purses and shoes!

I will say one thing - recession? You wouldn't know it!

Though I know a few people who are holding their wallets a little tighter (myself included), you would think that nothing had changed judging from the number of people who were taking classes. There were at least 10 small workrooms (maybe more as I didn't count them all) filled with at least 10 students each on Thursday, though the more expensive house/roombox classes did have fewer students.

But still - even the pricier classes had at least six students. And there were more people coming in for the Thursday evening classes. Given that most classes were more than $100 (with the house/room classes in the $400-$800 range) - plus many of those people and teachers were staying at the hotel, a good deal of money was being spent. It will be interesting to hear from the dealers if they saw any difference in spending and if the crowds seemed to be smaller compared to previous years or the same. Anyone want to share their views?


  1. Wonderful Mini Makes. Love the little straw bag

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I LOVE that pink bag...and the hat box!!

  3. Wonderful, Chris. I've been eager to hear about the show and this bonus of seeing your creations is even better than a straight report.

    I'm going to try the suitcase as a summer purse.

  4. Good idea Camille. I hadn't thought of that!

  5. That looks like real cute stuff you made . Can t wait to see the other creations !


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