November 17, 2008

Writing Tips & Markets for Kids and Teens

Young writers interested in getting their work published should be aware that there are numerous markets and resources available to them online.

Following is a list of sites with information for the young writer and markets that will interest both youth and adult writers. Some of the publications also are open to youth writing (or may be, so query them).

Compiled by: Christine Verstraete, author, "Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery", -

Writing Sites:

Real - Kids writing critique group, tips

Debbi Ohi - Kid's writing tips & Links

Author writing tips - how to improve your writing

Author Ralph Fletcher writing tips

Preditors and Editors - market, agent, site warnings

Writing Markets:

Be the Star You Are - true events stories for young writers, 360-630 words. Deadline: Jan. 6 '09

Flashshot, 100 word stories - sci-fi, horror, mystery, may be open to younger writers. (non-paying)

Funds for Writers, Writing Kid Excellent, free newsletter by email with markets and tips. Subscribe and get a free markets ebook with tips by email!

Imagination Café - weekly writing contest for kids, winner posted on site (free member sign-up, needs parent approval, email confirmation) - Great market listings

Stone Soup Magazine, accepts work to age 13

Stories For Children Magazine, ages 3-12, accepts younger author work

Story Station, stories for ages 6-12, protagonists of same age (ask if accept stories from younger writers)

Teen Ink, accepts young author's work (fiction and nonfiction, print and ezine)

Young Writer. UK - youth writer magazine, England

Good luck and get submitting!


Katie said...

Hey, Thanks for the tips! I will pass them onto the kids and let you know what they think!!

Morgan Mandel said...

Great list. It's wonderful for you to post all those links in one spot as a reference.

Morgan Mandel