November 29, 2007

New Story, New Trend?

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I seem to have unintentionally started a new trend in my writing.

First, it was birds, as in the blackbirds in my spooky short story, "The Witch Tree."

Then it was a dog, namely the mischievous little Dachshund, Petey, in my upcoming mystery, "Searching For A Starry Night."

Now it's a little black cat with shiny gold eyes. The cat appears in my eerie story, "Cat Cries," which will be published in an upcoming issue of Cat Tales Magazine from Wildside Press.

I wonder if I can do a story on an elephant next?

1 comment:

Patricia Harrington said...

Hey, Chris,

Glad to see that the critters are giving you motiviation to write stories. I must admit I'm partial to them, and one with a cat helped me win a Derringer. They can be wonderful foils and culprits, and also just good companions . . . they never "rat" on you. (Well, maybe the latter do on themselves, don't know about that!).

Cheers and congrats on the anthology from Echelon. I'll go over and see about getting it.

Pat Harrington