April 29, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge - W to Z - White Hutch & Yellow Dollhouse

 * The posts are part of the A to Z Blog Challenge 2013. **
I fell behind so I'm doubling up a few posts to catch up.

I wanted to share some of my favorite dollhouse projects. Hope you enjoyed seeing some different minis this month.

W- for my White Hutch and White Cabinet 

 I am planning a large ladies shoppe and a smaller display room so am painting some furniture. The first is the Michael's wood hutch. I used scrapbook paper and a Paris graphic from the Graphics Fairy. Love how it turned out! I put regular gold knobs that I painted, too.

X -  Extremely - dare I say it? Cute.  Joy Cox makes the cutest faces on her mini dolls like this half scale witch on ebay uk. 

Y - See Yellow House below.  Z: Zombies, of course. I want to leave this post up a few  days so Z will be for Zombies and a Walking Dead mini scene made by miniaturist Dorothy, which will be featured shortly at my other blog, GirlZombieAuthors. And check back here for a Story a Day for May. Well, I'll try.

The cabinet was the standard mahogany color. It simply looks better painted and papered! I plan to fill it with miniature shoes and purses. (Ignore the fingers and dirty mirror. ha!)


Y - My Yellow House 

This is one of my favorite miniature projects. Had some pix up a loooong time ago, so this is probably new to most.

The house was a kit I bought years ago which though half scale was sold as a children's playhouse. (Wish I'd bought the other kit as they're long gone; forgot who made it.)

(One of the sides.  Lilies were handmade. Other flowers were a kit; resin birdhouses on wall.)

  I didn't stick to scale as at the time I had these kits which were a smaller 1" scale and filled in with other things, which to me still fit. I did use a half scale chair and items on the porch. 

The stones in the chimney and outside of front porch  are those polished rocks you find at museums attached in stucco (lightweight Spackle - wall compound.) 

I tried to do other different things like use a small wood birdhouse topped with a woodsie for a table.

(Other side has iris, trailing vines and a bench where someone stopped for a break. And  had to have a flamingo!)

(Just about every house I build has to have a dog, of course. The flowers were made in a film canister (remember those?) that is scored, painted and has gold metal tape attached.) 

Hope you enjoyed seeing the project! 

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