April 19, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge - Q is for Quick Miniature Jars and Canisters

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Today's letter is Q for Quick 
Mini Canning Jars and Canisters

Tough one! I wondered, what to do for Q? Then I thought of the quick, easy project I wanted to share. So here goes:

Mini Jars and Canisters - C. Verstraete 


 * Round beads (the beads are in a package with several colors from the Dollar Tree.) What's neat  is that unlike pony beads, these beads are cut "straight" on the sides and across the top, almost like a straw, which makes them perfect for jars. (They are 1/4" high.)

* Standard 1/8" round hole office punch
* Thin clear plastic, like from a package covering
* Colored clay - I use air-dry, Crayola Model Magic clay, which I paint with acrylics.
* Bits of herbal and black tea from tea bags
* Small flat-backed black bead.
* Canning label printies, shrunk down with names written on
* Printed cotton, tacky glue
* Thin cardboard or box card (tea or cereal boxes work well)
* Smallest size gold brad
* Smallest pony beads
* Silver alphabet bead
* Printie tea label

 NOTE: These are all smaller beads so I made the jars for my half scale house. Use larger size beads for 1-inch scale.


* Canister:

1 Punch out round piece of plastic and glue to bottom of bead. When dry, fill with tea from a tea bag.

2  Punch out second round plastic piece for top and glue to bead. Glue small flat-backed black bead to top for "handle."

3. Glue label to front of jar. (which was on but I have to re-glue them. ha!)

* Canning Jar:

(Photos: back row, from left: Pony bead, dollar store bead.)

1. Form pieces of clay into shapes like vegetables, and paint desired color with acrylic paints. Note: these are so small that you don't have to be exact; it's just to give an illusion of something being in the jars.

2. Punch out plastic circle and glue to bottom of the dollar store bead (as in first jar in front.) Fill with clay "food" shapes. Punch out three circles from card. Stack and glue together, then glue stack to underside of desired fabric.

3. Cut fabric around stack in a circle shape, leaving a slight edge. Glue stack to top of jar. Put dots of glue on fabric edge and fold around jar to make a fabric covered lid.

(You can try gluing a piece of string on fabric edge and glue on a separate small bow to give the illusion of a closing tie, but the jar is pretty small.) Add a canning label to front with desired name penned in.

* Small pony bead jar - Square tea tin:

(Photo: left regular, larger size pony bead, smaller pony beads for half scale topped with smallest brad; silver alphabet bead)

1. Pony bead jar - stack and glue together two of smallest size pony beads. Use different colors to match  contents if possible. Glue smallest size gold brad to top. Print out reduced canning or fruit label. Wrap around beads and glue.

2.  Square alphabet bead tea tin: I had a bunch of these beads and realized the size is perfect for a half scale tin. Print out reduced tea package art or scenery for a label. Glue label to all sides of bead. Glue smallest size gold brad to the top.  (I use a small square piece of wood for a 1" scale tin.) 
(--From Candid Canine)

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