May 18, 2009

Miniature Little Witch Girl

Thought I'd share a miniature doll I recently dressed that will be used, along with several other dolls, in a Halloween exhibit at a miniatures museum. Details to be shared later.

I saved these little dollar store dolls as I liked the simple faces and thought they'd be fun to re-dress. (And yes, aren't the outfits horrid?)

My miniature witch is dressed in black silk with black silk shoes. She has part of a beaded ribbon on the top of her dress and black net for stockings. This net also had some glitter sparkles in it. The black silk was a neat piece from a old women's bodice that had pin tucks in it so I kept the lines in for a design.

The silk hat was made from a witch hat pattern and tutorial by miniature doll maker Gina Bellous.

There is also a pattern for a witch hat at
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