May 07, 2009

Dancing with the Stars RIP OFF!

Boy the shocker on Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars voting show had to be about as bad, if not worse, as when Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan was voted off.

I'm not a rap fan, but Lil' Kim is a cutie, fun to watch dance and was great on the dance floor. I thought she was definitely a top contender, if not the winner. I love this show but this was a real travesty, that's almost made me lose interest. I'm not sure I'll watch the finale.

No offense to Ty Murray, who seems like a nice, charming guy. He has improved and is trying his best, but he should stick to dancing with his wife. I bet all his cowboy, bullriding friends kept racking up the votes just to keep him on the show. Sorry, Ty. In this case, nice guys (should) finish last.
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