April 20, 2009

Christa's Artistic Visions in Miniature

Dutch miniaturist Christa Chayata has a skill for making the two-dimensional come to life.

Remember the mystery painting I featured previously?

That charming painting, which she calls "Snotnose," was the basis for a scene that Christa created using her skills in making and dressing miniature dolls.

Christa says she had always admired the painting and was fortunate to receive it after the owner passed away. As a child, she could look at it for hours - "I was a bit of a dreamer," she says and laughs.

Years later, the painting again caught her imagination as she started to wonder how it would look in miniature. So, she set to work and recreated the scene in 1/12th scale (1 inch = 1 foot) using porcelain dolls. She dressed the dolls and constructed the scene.

Here is the painting in its original format.

Christa chose to use the same tones when replicating the scene in miniature below. Cute, isn't it?

** Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how Christa made and assembled the dolls for her miniature scene.

Real Life in Miniature

If you think that can't be surpassed, take a look at a project Christa recently completed. This time, she duplicated a real-life scene featuring the stunning actress Nicole Kidman from the 2001 film, Moulin Rouge.

Like the beautiful costumes from the award-winning movie Titanic, Moulin Rouge's range of Victorian costumes are indeed a miniaturists' and costume maker's dream come true.

Take a look at this picture from the movie, then check out Christa's version.

She got the elements of the beautiful costume and the setting down to the smallest detail. All that's missing is the wall behind her to make it seem even more real.

You can view that scene and other costumes in the YouTube video below.

** See part 2 of the YouTube costume video.


  1. Fabulous. What attention to detail.

  2. Truly amazing, Chris! I don't know who they do it. Interesting title for the picture, though. Snotnose? Hmmm. Think I would've come up with something different. LOL



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