March 25, 2009

Zamora's Ultimate Challenge, Meet MK Scott!

Welcome to the next stop on the Zamora's Ultimate Challenge Blog Tour! Be sure to read to the very end as you don't know what you may miss! (like a chance to win stuff!)

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Meet author M.K. SCOTT, who calls herself a "total book fiend" and horse-lover. Oh, make that dog lover, too, given her "writing partner" is a four-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback named Java.

If you didn't know, M.K.'s alter-ego Michele Scott is author of the Wine Lovers Mysteries and the Equestrian Horse Lovers Mysteries with Berkley Prime Crime.

As M.K. she'll be writing for children, beginning with her tween fantasy, ZAMORA'S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE available from QUAKE/Echelon Press.


Is the name of Mason and Carter Clover's favorite video game. But fantasy turns to reality when Zamora's evil face appears on the brothers' TV screen. Now the queen threatens to take over the soul of their kidnapped baby sister, Isabella. Zamora's plan? To use the baby as a human vessel to reach Earth and dominate the world!

The boys enter the video game and are helped by several guides in the magical land of Boysen - a sage, a quirky mermaid and a Pegasus, who flies them to subsequent levels of the game. They also face other enemies as they try to jump to the next level and rescue Isabella. Will they beat Zamora's Ultimate Challenge?

Who is M.K./Michele?

Michele, who has a degree in journalism, has been writing since childhood. She wrote her first book while taking a Writer's Digest Magazine correspondence course and caring for her premature son, who's now 17.

"It only took me 12 years later and almost as many books to get an agent and sell three books," she says.

She's made up for lost time, with books nine and book 10, the latest being ZAMORA'S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE (QUAKE/ECHELON PRESS, Feb 2009).

Her family once again played a role in her decision to delve into another genre. Being on bed rest for her third pregnancy, Michele decided to write a fantasy for her own children. She calls it a book of her heart and a book with a message.

“The morals have to do with familial love and bonds, as well as faith in one's self,” she says. “That is all so important to me because I don't think there is anything more important than your family and your belief in yourself and others. We all have gifts to share, and the book gets that across in a subtle way that I believe kids and parents will enjoy.”

About that Dog...

And Java? Call him confidant and right-hand man, er, dog. Michele spends much of the day writing until it's time to pick up her youngest at school, with the dog usually beside her.

"I write in the kitchen most of the time on a laptop and Java sleeps next to me on the kitchen sofa in the breakfast nook," she says. "Sometimes our other dog does too, and occasionally the cat as well. They all sleep all day long."

It sounds ideal but don't be fooled. With 10+ books under her belt (there are others being considered), Michele's got this writing thing down pat. Not that there aren't some moments...

The worst?

"Revising a book for the 10th time," she says. "At that point I am into another book and want to move on, but know that I have to do whatever it takes to make what I have written the best that I can."

But there are good things, she says, "like creating a story with characters that I feel readers can connect to. The simple act of writing itself is by far the best part."

With the day's writing done and the kids home, Michele is then ready to spend time with her family and her horses. Wow, who says a writer's life isn't to be envied?


Did I say prizes? Yes, I did!

Now were you paying attention?? Three lucky readers will have the chance to win copies of Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge by answering this question: What creature inhabits Boysen and what’s the name of the dragon fighter? First make a comment here on something and then send the answer to Michele at (copy and paste in your mail browser)

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No, writers don't lead a life of leisure. But their "helpers" do! Hope you enjoyed this stop of the tour!


  1. What a cutie! I love the Java pics! My greys usually sleep, right up until I'm into the story, then someone has to go chase a squirrel!

    Best of luck with the book, Michele!


  2. The book sounds great, Michele! For 'tweens and all ages. Can't wait to read it.

    And, Java is adorable. Love the pic under his "blankie."


  3. Awww... Java is adorable! He must make a great writing companion!


  4. Thanks,Gang! Java does make a great writing companion, but I'm bit lonely this morning as he's changed up the routine on me. Instead of sitting next to me, he's decided to go outside! Gasp! I just peeked out there wondering why he hadn't come into the kitchen yet and he's spread out with our other dog Mylee in the sun. If you want to see a picture of her, I did a book trailer for an upcoming release and she plays the dog in the trailer. Just google "Dead Celebs book trailer" and you should find it. Mylee is our very smart one and Java is our very pretty one. They are both pretty darn spoiled, or as I like to say, "Well loved."

    Love those canines!


  5. Sounds like a great book for kids. (Aw heck, for adults, too. - I'm currently reading Riordan's fourth in his Percy Jackson & The Olympians series.) And the tour looks really interesting.

  6. "Revising a book for the 10th time," sounds familiar. I have five books started but I have to revise my biggest one and I've learned the art of procrastination well. I did get two books written, and I love to write my Amanda stories. I'm not much into dogs, but My kitties, especially Amanda, have some great adventures. All I have to do now is get them published.

    Animals make stories come alive.

  7. I LOVE Java! Such a handsome boy!

    Can't wait to read the book. Good luck!


  8. What an interesting interview. Your book sounds intriguing, MK. And your dog is priceless.


  9. Great post, Chris V.! Can't wait for the tour to stop over by me! Which reminds me - Could you update your tour stops for me? It should list drey's library instead of drey's house... I must've messed up when communicating with Michelle! Thanks much!

  10. Ok got it Drey, cute blog! Have fun with the tour!

  11. Thanks so much, Chris V.!! =)

  12. Forgot to say - Java's adorable! =D


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