March 12, 2009

You Call That, Uh, Art?

Since my book Searching for A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery involves art, it seems fitting to mention a new exhibit just opened in Paris.

Now, Searching For A Starry Night centers on real art, namely a miniature replica of Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, "Starry Night."

This new exhibit called "Voids, A Retrospective," supposedly focuses on - nothing. Lots of nothing.

Imagine paying your admission fee, walking into an exhibit, and you find an empty room. Literally. In this case, the exhibit has not one, but nine empty rooms.

Stemming from what's called the "void" movement, these exhibits, music, etc. focus on emptiness. Art critics, of course, wax poetic, one calling it "radical."

In real life, we'd call it stupid.

Okay, I'm no art critic. Nor am I going to pretend to be an intellectual. But I'm not dumb, either. Call it common sense.

It's kind of like that red or black dot, or a splash on a blank canvas being given great psychological meaning. You can read anything into that kind of "art." Look at a van Dyck, a Van Gogh, or a Monet, however, and no double-talk is needed. The beautiful images and brushstrokes of the masters speak volumes.

Now compare that kind of art to this new exhibit. Sure, creativity is good. Contemporary thinking is different, etc. But I think the only thing being emptied are people's wallets.

Or maybe the emperor really doesn't need any clothes. Maybe there is something to it... Tell you what. Give me $10 (or whatever admission the show charges) and I'll show you an empty room, er, a "Void" exhibit that will top any of the others.

** What do you think?


  1. I pictured the Emperor's new clothes story too and was agreeing about the stupidity, when I realized I wouldn't be able to keep any room of my house empty long enough to charge for a void exhibit.

    Doesn't mean I'm gonna waste my cash on someone who can. =P


  2. Crazy!!! And smart...just think of how much money that person is going to make off this, LOL.....Why didn't we think of this???

  3. Too bad I have to do this with words and not sounds. A $10 exhibit of empty rooms? I'd be "sneezing" and saying "Rip-off."


  4. This is so reminiscent of the Beatles' immense popularity, when it was said that they could record an album (or song) of (something like) 20 minutes of pure silence and millions of copies would be sold.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but IMO, these art show ticket buyers are getting taken. However, I guess you could argue that they are buying entrance of own free will. You should wouldn't find me in that line!


  5. I am an artist and modern art like this ticks me off like you wouldn't believe. If I'd paid for a ticket to see it you'd get a "performance piece" from me for free: lots of cursing and maybe even some kicking of the walls. Folks could ponder the meaning of the smudges my boots would leave behind!

  6. Glad to see most people agree; Oops, see it really pushed Christina's buttons. ha! But I'd be "performing" too - very loudly!

    I did forget to mention in the post that like Regan I wouldn't have an empty room to show in real life.haaa! (I'd have to rent one!)

  7. Wow. I don't think I'd be too happy if I paid money to see a bunch of empty rooms. That would not be very entertaining.

    Great post!


  8. Wow! This opens up a whole new realm of art scams. Now anyone can be a scam artist- no forgery talents needed!

    Iris Black


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