March 03, 2009

What are you reading - and why?

For fun, I thought I'd ask other authors and readers to share what they are reading. What drew you to a certain book and why? Was it the genre? The cover art? The author? The cover blurb? Share your thoughts on what grabs your attention as a reader.

I tend to gravitate towards books in two genres, mystery and horror. Cover art does draw me, but it's not a final deciding factor. I'll pick a book if I've read the author before, or if the back cover sounds good and the first page grabs me.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I've gotten into the bad habit of reading several books at once. Do you?

I'm now reading:

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, mystery, Joyce and Jim Lavene

Mayhem in Miniature, mystery, Margaret Grace/Camille Minichino

Devil in the White City, Erik Larson

**Your Turn: Share your books and thoughts.


  1. Reading Sam Morton's "DisaVowed." (Echelon Press) The prologue hooked me! Great writing, compelling story.


  2. I just finished Oscar Wilde and a Game called Murder written by Gyles Brandreth-an excellent read.
    Mary, I agree with you, Sam Morton's DisaVowed is very good.

    Margot Justes
    A Hotel in Paris

  3. I have been away from reading for so long but have found a wonderful Paperback Exchange near me so took some in and brought some out. I just finished She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb and loved it because I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachia and I love how she developed the various characters and the story line and wove them together. I also have a book by Ken Follette to start and when I find where I put it, I'll do that!


  4. I'm reading Just After Sunset. Why? Because it's written by Stephen King!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton
    Author of The Ride

  5. Hi Chris,
    What makes me pick up a certain book. Well, first I read this inside page that has an excerpt of it. Of course I look over the back jacketflap but that doesn't mean as much as the inside page excerpt. From there, it's a leap of faith. Now, if I've read the author before, it's a no-brainer!
    Deb :-)

  6. I forgot to add that; I did read about half of King's book. Some stories I liked; some not sure about.

  7. Reading "The Private Patient" by PD James and loving it. It's the kind of mystery you want to read slowly to savor the language as well as the story.

    Camille/Margaret Grace
    "Malice in Miniature"

  8. I picked up a Stephen Coonts book a couple months ago .. right smack in the middle of the series .. and loved it so much I'm ripping through every single one of his books.

  9. Right now I'm reading books for review - nothing that I picked up because I felt like it. :)

    The Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn which is about a werewolf DJ and The Weight of a Mustard Seed about an Iraqi General who turns his back on Saddam.

    Very different topics but both very good!


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