March 30, 2009

Real Miniature or Photo Trick?

Here's a stumper: how much time do you think it would take to get a dollhouse in a bottle?

Think it can't be done? Well, like those people who have built ships in a bottle, this person on eBay claims to have branched out and built a house in a bottle!

Read more about this intriguing dollhouse. (Or put 280326147574 in search box at

* Build your own ship in a bottle from "Boy's Life" magazine.

* How about the "other" Dollhouse? (TV Show) (ha-ha!)


  1. I've seen this on another blog as well. If its real its amazing.

  2. Okay, so how DO you get a ship, a dollhouse, or anything else in a bottle??

    These things make my brain hurt. LOL!



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