March 09, 2009

Miniaturist of the Month: Louise Goldsborough

What could be more Spring-like than flowers - and fairies?

British miniaturist Louise Goldsborough of Angelique Miniatures. makes miniature dolls that make you take a second look. She is also still a collector who's been collecting miniatures since childhood.

"I had my first dollshouse for my third birthday," she says. "My dad made it and I still have it and all the original furniture and occupants."

Her dollhouses are still among her favorite collectibles, and - not surprisingly - so are Fairies.

"I have four dollshouses (including my childhood one), plus quite a large collection of fairy ornaments," she says. "I also have a smaller collection of the larger 16 to 22 inch fashion dolls."

(Pictured: New Fairy Life)

A professional dancer when she was young, Louise began to dress dolls as a hobby, but soon she was hooked! "I swapped my hobby with my profession in March 1988 and never looked back," she says.

(Pictured: Magic Shoes)

She's been making dolls for more than 20 years and has been designing them professionally for seven years.

What keeps her interested? "It's definitely the dressing...the prettier the better," she says. "That's why I love doing the fairy stuff!"

Her work is really a labor of love - and it shows, which is what keeps customers coming back time and again.

(Pictured: Sweet Music)

"It is love," she says. "I feel it is important to reflect this valuable quality in my work as the item that I am making for each individual customer needs to bring them the maximum amount of pleasure. After all, they have chosen me to make their special miniature so I want to get things just so for every customer."

Louise now is getting ready to open a shop at Etsy.

After that, well, she probably has the fairies' blessing!


  1. Wonderful, love the Harp dressed in flowers. I can just imagine a Fairy playing that..

  2. What a beautiful Harp! Love her fairies~ so pretty!

  3. I just love the baby in the basket. Beautiful fairies. Thank you for sharing Chris.


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