August 30, 2008

Daily Blog 30: Favorite Writing Moment & Quote

One of my favorite sections I like to use in interviews is to include the author's favorite quote from their latest book and ask them to share one their favorite (or least favorite) writing moments.

I've already shared my favorite quote about Petey the Dachshund from my book, Searching For A Starry Night in a my Daily Blog 25, but one of my other favorites has to do with Sam and her friend Lita's scary movie-like moment waiting for Sam's mom to come back to the shed they've been working in:

...Petey flew forward in a spasm of barks. His legs left the ground with each violent growl. Sam wasted no time and jumped off the chair almost into her friend's arms. The two hugged each other and watched, wide-eyed, as the doorknob slowly started to turn. The panic threatened to choke Sam.

"Lita," she whispered, "please tell me I locked the door..."

My Favorite Writing Moment:

I've worked in newspapers a long time and as a reporter, you get to meet a lot of interesting people. Picking just one favorite story is hard. I think one of my favorite stories was writing about the local legendary shoeshine man in my Chicago neighborhood and getting it published in GRIT when it was still a newspaper. What made it special was being able to get an interesting person recognized and letting him have his well-deserved place in the spotlight.

** Your Turn: Share your favorite quote from your latest book or short story. Include your title and web link. Don't forget to share your own favorite writing moment or special memory.


  1. Neat idea for a blog! Loved your quote. Thanks for the opportunity to share one of mine. BTW, love your new layout & look.

    This is an excerpt from my first book, I ROMANCED THE STONE (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie):

    I pull behind a certain gas station and wait. Hip-hop, thunder-decibel hydraulic rap cars cruise by, with thug-looking drivers and wannabe passengers, tossing beer cans out the window, sporting attitudes and joints. It's a hot midnight hour, so I roll down the window, smelling the pungent asphalt atmosphere; tonight it's laced with electricity and the macabre, intoxicating excitement of jeopardy.

    Before long I see a girl who's done several pickups for me before. She's swaying along the streetside, swishing her derriere, calling out and waving come-on signals to men driving by. She must be barely twenty years old, but I know this chick to wilder than an atomic bomb in the wrong hands, and typically higher than Jupiter. Tonight she's red-dressed for undressing, dripping with salaciousness, and in rare form, even for her.

    Marvin D Wilson
    blogs at:
    eye twitter 2 -

    I ROMANCED THE STONE sells on amazon at:

    New Novel, Owen Fiddler website is: - and it also sells on amazon.

  2. Dang. I"m gonna have to come back to this when I'm home and have my work to refer to!


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