August 23, 2008

Daily Blog 23: Weekend Writing?

Most of us slave over a hot computer all week. The computer has helped blur the work week so the standard 40-hour week really no longer applies. We write, blog, email, surf, etc. all hours of the day and night.

Is there time off for good behaviour? Well, there should be, but writing is an occupation that can't be necessarily pigeonholed into specific hours. You write when you can, when you want (or don't want), when you need to. (Or if you can - for fun, I found this page with links to computer-generated writing. I didn't read any. Afraid? ha! Not that I think a computer or the "trained monkeys" can outwrite a writer.)

Weekends, you hopefully try to take some time off - at least a few hours to catch up on other stuff like housecleaning, shopping, and just plain relaxing. But even then, it's hard to stay away from the computer completely, isn't it? Or do you? Me? Well, I need to continue working on the book, but I also need to do some serious weeding in my office. Stuff piled everywhere and no room, so some stuff has to go - somewhere.

** Your Turn: For fun, I thought I'd ask today how much you use the computer and/or write on weekends. Are you able to stay away - completely? How do you not write and do computer stuff after the so-called "work week" ends?


  1. When the blessed "zone" hits me, I write whenever I can for as long as I can - dare not miss out on the inspirations coming. Weekends, holidays, no time or occasion is more sacred or important. But on a normal weekend I try and get some music in, play my guitar, maybe write a song, do some recording. Read that book I've been promising myself (or some writer I promised) I'd read, go visit my daughter and take the grands to the park & get some ice cream. Taking some R&R breaks is important. But for me, that could just as easily happen on an uninspired Tuesday. I'm semi-retired, so Sat & Sun are just two more days in the week to me.

  2. I don't often write on weekends because there are too many people around.
    I do e-mail and blog and tweet.
    The rest of the weekend is for my husband's honey do list. He makes one for himself then moves around like the devil is after him. I end up feeling like I've had a whirling dervish next to me all weekend.
    He needs to relax more.

  3. Oh heck, my family knows I'm glued to this laptop 24/7. I write whenever I can between being a cook, cleaner, taxi driver, nurse/doctor, mediator, and anything else that falls under the heading MOM.

  4. I rarely take a day off from the computer. But do try on weekends to venture outside and remind myself what the sun looks and feels like.

  5. I make it a point to go for a long walk weekend mornings so I get my beach time in...and usually we go out with friends or have a bad movie night. These days... I don't have much of a choice other than write as much as possible. I'm excited about the projects, but sooo very tired of working all week too...

  6. I've been sleeping about 5 hours a day for months. I've also pulled a few all nighters, working 28 hours straight one time. I know exactly what you mean.

  7. Saturdays are generally reserved for family fun and chores. However, each Saturday starts off with a leisurely reading of my emails - especially Duotrope's newsletter. Sunday is usually when I start writing my Monday blog post. I may edit or revise a short story on Sunday but not a lot of work actually gets done.

  8. I blog when I can and work around my family. Time oonline is limited on weekends around my house. :)

    I write in a spiral notebook and then transcribe it.


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