August 20, 2008

Daily Blog 20: Top 10 Reasons Why I Write

Today's post is going to be short, philosophical and focus on one question - why do you write?

Isn't there a joke? Paraphrased it goes: Why do you write? I write because I can't sing or dance. ha!

1. Well, I also write because it's a habit; a habit honed from years of writing nonfiction and then adding fiction.

2. I write because I enjoy it. (Sometimes). At least when I like the story and when it's working.

3. I write because I can't "Not" write. I have to do it. Only other writers can understand that.

4. I write when I'm not playing. I find it hard sometimes to split my creative energies. I have to write or create in miniature. But I can work on small miniature projects if I'm doing a big writing project. It's good to do something that lets you be creative and lets your mind wander at the same time.

5. I write because it's more fun than cleaning house. ha!

6. I write because it's the best way I know how to make money.

7. I write because it's better than doing nothing.

8. I write because the words have to go somewhere.

9. I write because there are still things I want to accomplish and they won't get done unless I pursue them.

10. I write because I can't think of anything else that I enjoy doing more.

** Your Turn: Why do you write? Share your top 5 or 10 reasons.


  1. Well, I've always written, from as early as I can remember being able to spell. But I think you mean as a professional, an author, and a published author. I first started writing books because God told me to. Now I also do it because:

    2. It's my favorite means of self-expression

    3. I have the audacity to think I have things to write about of significance and the knowledge and ability to write them well enough to publish novels worth reading. (smile)

    4. I make the most wonderful friends in the literary community.

    5. writing each day is a catharsis, a cleansing, an emptying of creative and spiritual energy.

    6. It's often the most fun thing in my whole day.

  2. I wish I loved to write! Makes me so jealous to read that. Alas.... I don't really love it and have to discipline myself to just do it every day. But it's the best way to get my point across and I do have a few points to make. It's just much more effective than a painting, you know?

  3. I have always written, always made up stories. As a kid, I did it to entertain a younger sibling.

    Once I made up a story about a trip to France because I just couldn't write another 'What I did on my summer vacation" essay about what I really did, what we always did, for summer vacation. That's when I learned that you really should label fiction as fiction or risk big time trouble.

    I write because the stories pop into my head and won't let me focus on anything else until I write them down.

  4. I write because I enjoy traveling alongside my characters. Most times I don't lead them. They take me with them.


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