August 17, 2008

Daily Blog 17: Gambling and Writing

This post is super late today. Decided to take off.

This was a first-time visit to the casino in Milwaukee, Wisc. Interesting, though the noise and smoke got to me.

Funny as I'm competitive; I love a challenge and love the chance to "win." But poking a button on a slot machine wasn't much fun to me. It became more interesting once the game became more interactive, requiring me to pick something on the screen, but that didn't happen often enough. Overall, it didn't hook me.

Here's the writing analogy: stories obviously have to hook the reader. You have to have a good "prize" - a good story, a chance to see who the villain is, etc. - to have the reader continue.

Writers are gamblers in a way, aren't they? They write a story or book, send it out, taking a gamble - hoping that someone will like it and purchase it. You keep sending it out - putting more change in the slot (money for postage) on the hopes that it will eventually pay off.

We played the 2 cent slots mostly. Big gambler I'm not. I can't see throwing money away. In writing, it's different. You can put in a few pennies worth of effort, but why waste your (and everyone else's time?) You learn, you improve, and then you raise the stakes.

Put in the big stakes worth of effort and expect to get back what you put in. Play to win - (write to get published).


  1. "Play to win - (write to get published)."

    Now, THAT's the attitude!

  2. I haven't been to Potawatami Casino in ages. Unlike you, when I play slots I have a hard time pulling myself away from the machines. I restrict my slot playing to vacation, so my hangout is Lake of the Torches in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.

    Those one-cent slot machines and-two centers can rob your money just as well as the nickel, quarter or dollar machines, but have so many gimmicks I like playing whether I'm winning or losing.

    My other addiction is writing, which can be just as expensive with all the promo items to buy, conferences to sign up for, author books to purchase, etc, etc.

    That's okay. Everyone needs to have a few vices.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Slots are boring. Try poker or craps. ;)

  4. Did you take notice of the others around you? There had to be a story or two walking around. :)


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