August 15, 2008

Daily Blog 15: Writing Inspiration

Today I decided to do something different.

Inspiration comes from different places, your Muse, a song, something we hear or read, from others and from our hobbies.

Sometimes, it's a good idea to take a break from writing and let your brain work on a different form of creativity. For me, that means working in miniature.

I get inspired coming up with new ideas, challenging myself to tackle a building or other project. Working on something like painting or planning a miniature room lets my mind roam. I'm not writing, but subconsciously I'm still mulling over the book or story I've been working on.

I also get inspired by the work of others. I'm presenting some photos of the miniature gourmet shop made by a fellow miniaturist in Holland. Kitty Balke, and I often share ideas and projects. Talking over the Internet or via Skype, we enjoy sharing photos or our latest work and often inspire each other.

I think what keeps me interested in the hobby is the detail and realism you can achieve. To me, it's the same as writing, except it's creating with objects and images instead of words.

The best thing? Making this kind of food is calorie free! (The food is made of polymer clay.)

** Do you have a hobby or other pastime that you enjoy to take your mind off of writing for a while?


  1. Now that was a fun, creative post. I gotta remember to add the visuals - cool! Ahm, food? Yes, I am an amateur gourmet cook. I LOVE to plan a meal, go shop for the ingredients, come home and get lost in the kitchen, then sit down to a wonderful meal - it's a ritual that can take half a day, and it is time well spent.

  2. I do cross stitch sometimes and and I make book thongs for promotion purposes.
    I agree. You have to refill the well periodically.

  3. That's an amazing miniature. So many things to look at!

    Trying to think what I do as a hobby. I sit at the computer all day either writing or working on freelance work. I guess since I don't do it often -- for my hobby I occasionally clean house.

  4. Dang me, those are just so amazing! I think i already commented on 'em at Killer Hobbies, but they're just as amazing second time viewed.

    I like to make things out of sea glass and sea shells...i love to sew...but I don't seem to have the time these days. This is a good reminder to make time for my other creative activities!

  5. Helen you seriously need a hobby! ha! Cleaning house does NOT count!

  6. I'm with Helen - sometimes cleaning house is the perfect thing to open up some creative space! Especially when your cluttered surroundings are interrupting the creative flow, which seems to be the case for me this week. Blech. My other outlet is knitting. Am going to finish up another sock right now and get my mind off all the have-to-dos. First I might bake some bread - that's another good one for renewal.

    Good post, Chris! Got me in tune with the concept of taking a break.


  7. Those are so cool. I channel my creativity into photography when I need a break--and have actually come up with great story ideas whilke doing so!!


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