October 10, 2018

Latest #Halloween Miniatures!

It's that time of year! I'm in Halloween mode, or should I say mood now! I'm making different things and looking forward to the Wee C Miniature Show in November in Elk Grove Village, Ill. I'll have a fun, spooky books class there, too, so check it out and sign up!

So a sampling of what I've been working on: (click photos for full size views)

Fun setting up a couple sewing tables. You never can have too much fabric, can you?
I've added a few things, including the spools and scissors to the large table and have to add a an iron yet. 

Display cabinet. I like finding old cabinets for displays. I'll put in an acrylic front yet and use this to display minis that are otherwise sitting in boxes waiting for a project.

Flower-filled pumpkins and spooky book displays. (You can sign up for the Spooky Books Display Class at the Wee C dollhouse show's website.

These were fun! Zombie gnome gardens. The rocks are actually phosphorus - and yes, they glow in the dark!

For fun! ha!

Half Scale Halloween House:

I have my Halloween porch set up and wanted to add more on top of my entertainment center so I've been working on this small cottage. I wanted it to be really colorful. I have to say, I love the different patterns and the black/colors contrast. I definitely intend to use the checked floor and bottom stripes again in my larger house project. The top floor loft is painted pumpkin orange, slightly lighter than the paper on the back wall, which is also used on the front outside. I'll add another post and photos once I finish and then decorate. (The window or door aren't in yet, and I have to add inside trim yet.)