July 18, 2018

Upcoming #Halloween Project

It's been awhile since I posted, I see. Not that I haven't been busy working on different things. I'll likely have various posts and projects to share soon as the fair is getting close!

Recently, Dana on the MiniDollList came up with a theme for the next miniature doll project on the list - a steampunk Halloween witch scene based on an absolutely fantastic picture!  Basing a project on a picture or photo is so much fun to do! 

I love this image! I looked it up and found the artwork is formally called "Ezlynn the Industrial Witch" by Bobbie Berendson. (As there are buttons to share the work on Pinterest and social media, I can share the image here.)

Cool details in this. I'm building my scene in a book box and am using miniature jars, plus crystal beads to put on the shelves. I have an interesting gold pot, I think it was an incense burner, to use for the cauldron. I had saved it as I loved the legs with faces!

The fun of replicating a scene is that you can't do it exactly, but you try to get close and put your own style on it. I decided to use a painted bamboo mat for the back, hard to cut but I managed to cut the hole in. There'll be a rust-colored paper for the background.  I'm lining the hole with a paper clay ring that I'll paint. I'm on the third try until I get the lines carved how I want!

I finally got the clay ring to fit and decided to fill in the top portion with clay, too. I'll take a photo once I get the painting the way i want.

Here are some of the items I'm assembling so far! I'll share other progress as I go along. I'm going to work on the shelving next and assembling the doll and figuring out the clothes.

Some of the bottles/jars:

The book box. I removed the lining inside and replaced with bamboo and wood strips.

  The artist also has a coloring book  with assorted witchy images - Madam Mezmerelda's Dark Steampunk Coloring Book: Madam Mezmerelda's Digest of the Mad. the Mystic, & the Macabre.
    Check out her Etsy shop with the book and art prints.