May 18, 2017

The Latest Dollhouse Miniature Project-in-Progress

Realized I haven't posted in a bit, been busy writing, but here's what else is going on:

A Confession: I've become a terrible miniaturist. ha!

Why? Because I start too many projects! Lately, it seems that it's only a deadline or some goal that gets me to finish something.

I  say this because, yes, I started another one. One that really is too big for my space, but I'll find a place for it and get my other living room displays back to how they were.

A month or so back, I found a HUGE dollhouse at the thrift store, and well, it was a steal for $10. I actually bought it for the windows and door since I just don’t have room for the whole house. (Never mind that I have two other built unfinished houses yet to decorate.)

Then I got an idea—yeah, dangerous. Real dangerous...I hated to do it, well, kind of...

 So, I took off the top sections and saved the bottom floor. Ready-made roombox! It's still fairly big - it fits the length of  a square folding table. It's being painted now - the outside is purple with probably a violet trim and the windows a light pink with neon pink trim. It already looks better in the purple!

 Lots of color will be going on here. Found an array of fun scrapbook papers, including a colorful pineapple print I like. Basically you can't have too much color in this one! And... I recently got a beautiful scrapbook paper book full of '60s style prints and Indian designs...

Yes, it will require making dozens, a hundred or more (?), mini record album covers. I really don't like making them all, but the end result makes it worth it. There's something about seeing a bunch of the same things. Check out this mini record collection.  Then I'll have some slightly larger record albums on the walls along with posters. 

You'll laugh - I even found that one of the miniature flower makers has a "certain" plant and leaf kit available for that added touch of realism! I'm a DIY'er so I ordered the kit. ha!

Other additions include:
* Finding some great, dark walnut wood slat placemats for flooring. All I have to do is remove the fabric edging around the front.
* A tie-dye kid's kit. Figured for $5 it's cheaper than having to get all the bottles and stuff separate. Am going to try dyeing curtains, pillows, and some floor pillows.
* Bugle bead necklace to use in making a beaded doorway curtain.
* Gold necklace with a wire insert for some kind of hanging decoration.

 Since it's two rooms, the first room will have the record displays. The larger second room will have some more records, stereo equipment and a place to hang out. 

Fun thing is my friend Gigi found a great little dollhouse size turntable key chain! Perfect size. I found another one though it's plastic and I might see if I need to paint it. I need to make a small, long side table with the turntables and headphones to preview the records!

So I began folding records and will have to glue some. Folding and gluing... but I've barely begun. ha! 

 I don't like repetition, but having a collection of dozens, hundreds, of the one thing is really kind of mesmerizing- and addicting. It'll be the same when I start the Horror bookstore idea I have. I have a small store kit set aside.. and there'll be lots and lots of books to make...  No, I'm not starting it. Not yet... (But some book covers are already printed out...) 

I'll add more pix when I make some real progress.