February 06, 2015

Miniatures Art Challenge Day 5

I hope you enjoyed a little tour of some of my miniatures. Believe me there is more, lots, lots more. ha! I'd be taking photos nearly forever.  

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I will share pix soon of the Half Scale Country House updates. It's turning out really nice!

 CORRECTION: (oops how did I do that? I see I shared the witch's garden shop photo twice! Here's what I wanted to share:)

 Ladies' shop table made by my friend Gigi I got as a Christmas gift.

Below: Chair in new fabric and totebags from patterns in my book, In Miniature Style II. 

The totebag pattern was widened for use as a dog carrier, too, as seen on the lady doll below. (Clothes pattern from Dana Burton - Minidolllist.com.)