May 27, 2014

Update Half Scale Country Dollhouse

A few more pix of the Half Scale House I've been working on. Scroll down to previous post for other photos. (See  house Trimmed -  Lights -  First pix/pantry/hutch)

Here's the front with all stone. I have a sun face to put in the center. The stone has to be fixed in some spots and lines filled in. It also has shutters and window boxes.

Starting stone on the house.  The front is finished and drying. Will add another pic later. (This looks terrible but it is looking better now.)

Sink and wall shelf in kitchen.The sink is a kit from Petite Properties in the UK. I also have a vintage stove kit to make. (She has some great kits made from mount card like mat board.)

Kitchen curtains. I wanted an older vintage feel to the room.

Just wanted to show the TV I found on ebay. It's 1 3/4 inches high and has a tiny magnet in back.
 I'm hoping to glue a TV show photo on the front.