April 09, 2014

Half Scale Dollhouse - Let there be light!

Made some more progress on the Half Scale Country House I've been working on. (See first set of photos.) I can't wait until I have a decent pic of some progress on the outside to show!

It's a great feeling when you can plug in the transformer for a test - and Let there be light!

The kitchen has a cute little hanging lamp and a wall light (I have to put the shade back on.) Put some tile on the wall where the sink will go also. The floor is scrapbook paper.

There's a hanging lamp and a little old-fashioned bulb in the living room ceiling. I may add a lit candle on the fireplace yet since there are holes for one. (I also put some new brick paper in the fireplace as the old stuff was faded and added a brick insert to the floor in front.)

(Okay a funny admission - first time I bought lights that had the replaceable, push-in bulbs included in a tiny bag attached to the plug cord. Well, I cut off the plug in the living room lamp, not realizing this, and had the light soldered in. Hmmm, no light. Oops! Luckily, I didn't throw the plug out with the light bulbs still attached!)

This boring pic is the wall light above the door that will be inside the shed. I put a small globe from one of those Christmas post light sets over a bulb. Next I have to stucco this wall before I glue the shed walls on.

Now that the first floor lights are soldered onto the floor, I can paper the second floor and do the flooring. I have to enclose the staircase opening and add a fake door in back leading to the third floor. With the problems I had building (and rebuilding and rebuilding) the staircase, I don't want to do it again!

Neat thing I found at Michael's- these metal findings look like shades! I'm going to add them on the two side walls in the attic and on the back wall as sconces...