April 09, 2012

A to Z Challenge - H for Hobbies - Miniatures, of course

Today marks the letter H of the A to Z Challenge.

To follow up on my recent post on my miniature dresses, I wanted to share the dress my friend Kitty made using the same pattern (#2009 sundress at MiniPatterns.com.)

Kitty has been making miniature clothes for a while so her dress definitely came out much better than mine. It's all so romantic. I love the accessories! (This is a display version in 1" scale, so a lady would be about 5 1/2" tall.)

But since I found my pleater I'm trying again and following her advice to pleat the bottom first before assembly. I'll show the results once I'm finished. As I'm making a Ladies Shoppe, I need more than one dress to display so I may be making several of each style (may - or at least until I get tired. But these are addicting!)