January 23, 2012

Miniatures Monday: The finished Glass House

Finally finished the glass house I got a while back at the flea market. I'll eventually add more plants as I get them done, but I like how it's turned out. (Early furniture pix)

I made most of the flowers. The gorgeous blue hydrangeas are by Jody Raines.

A Tip: I like having a wall in any room to have pictures and shelves, so I made the back wall from foam core covered with scrapbook paper. Since the top opening is small (the center top glass section), I had to split the wall in two pieces to get it inside. The top shelf, attached with wax so I can take the wall out, helps hold the pieces together.

Below, the pink hydrangeas (and single yellow one on the shelf) are easy how to's from my book, IN MINIATURE STYLE II. (** And please click THIS LINK to VOTE for the book in the About.com 2012 New Miniature Product Category. Voting ends Feb. 15.**)

I really like the red pansies and the table. (I did a trade for the flowers and wish I can remember who sent me the pansies and the irises. Let me know if you did.)

Don't you love the mini books and mags? (Including my book!) You can get book and mini mag printies on my website miniatures page. My friend, Kitty, made the cupcake and cookies.

I LOVE how the furniture came out. It used to have black print and then yellow print cushions on the chair. Color can make such a difference! I used antique lace trim on the pillows and on the bottom edges of the furniture.

I added the bear for fun.
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