November 17, 2011

Welcome to fantasy author and illustrator Vonnie Winslow Crist

Today I welcome author Vonnie Winslow Crist, who has a new collection of fantasy tales out. The Greener Forest is an eclectic collection of (lucky) 13 tales with a "pinch" of poetry and several illustrations.

(The cover alone is a delight! And if you love fantasy art, check out the detailed and adorable maze she drew and is free at the publisher's site. See link at end of post.)

This charming book (print, eBook, Kindle and other formats) is sure to delight those who love the fanciful, with tales of spriggans, goblins, swan maidens, angels, dragons, ningyo, and other Faerie creatures. But all is not good and light -- there are some dark and uncertain times lurking between the pages.

About the book:

"In 'The Greener Forest' anything is possible. Silver maples sing in angel-song. Spriggans skulk about cypress knees and wreak havoc at an amusement park. The Applehead Lady's true identity is revealed by moonlight filtering through the branches of an ancient tree.

A scarecrow finds true love in an ash grove. And a wayward beech tree root sends a woman into the arms of a kindhearted giant. These stories and more lead the reader into the depths of The Greener Forest, where Faerie and the everyday world collide. There is dark and light, evil and good, and uncertain dusky gray lurking between the pages of this book. Discover that all is not what it seems at first glance, and wondrous things still happen in 'The Greener Forest.'"

Vonnie, who's been "drawing and painting as long as I can remember," was encouraged by an artistic grandfather to pursue her talent. She's since taught art for the Community Services Division of her local community colleges, illustrated magazines and books, taught poetry for 10 years for the Maryland State Arts Council's Artists-in-Education Program, taught creative writing, and more. Some of her work has been published in The Vegetarian Journal and Faerie Magazine. Learn more about Vonnie at her blog.

* Bonus: Download a free maze at Cold Moon Press, illustrated by Vonnie - a must see! You can also listen to an audio excerpt of the story, "Birdling" from "The Greener Forest" at the same page.


* Assorted links at Cold Moon Press

* (Amazon, print - click cover)