March 01, 2011

More than Collectibles: Dr. Ruth's Dollhouses

I happened to catch designer Nate Berkus's show yesterday and was glad I tuned in.

It turns out that famous therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer is a dollhouse collector!

The 82-year-old had asked the designer to clear up some 50 years of clutter and collectibles, so she could entertain in her dining and living rooms.

Besides an assortment of different miniatures and small collectibles, among her treasures were her favorite items: two open-front dollhouses. Having lost her family to the Nazis in World War II and sent to a children's hometo live, Dr. Ruth says the dollhouses symbolized her way to have something she could control when she had no control growing up, and that she loved playing with them.

Isn't it great that dollhouses can not only be an enjoyable pastime and a way to express your creativity, but collecting can bring a calming, healing element into someone's life? And yes, the updated rooms were very nice, too!

* See makeover photos of the rooms and the dollhouses here.

* Read the New York Times story


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Who would have guessed Dr. Ruth had doll houses, how extremely cool is that :)

Victoria ♥

Author Peg Herring said...

To Chris' readers:
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Unknown said...

Thank you Peg and thank you Chris. I really enjoy your blog and can't believe my good fortune.

btw - DR Ruth has beautiful dollhouses - so amazing.