November 17, 2009

Got a Kindle? How about Kindle ebooks for your PC?

The ebook war is getting hotter, with ebook readers like B&N's Nook being listed as "the" hot new Christmas gift this year.

But Amazon jumped ahead with what seems logical: a Kindle app for your pc.

Now almost anyone can read Kindle ebooks on their computer, well at least a pc, as well as IPhone and IPod Touch. Apps are also expected soon for Mac, Blackberry, and Droid users. Is there anyone left after that?

Think it's a good idea? Bad idea? Indifferent?

Consider this:
* The Kindle store offers more than 373,000 ebooks.
* There's a free daily new Kindle book offering and plenty of free classics. Can't beat that.

* Yes my kid's book is in Kindle:

* Searching for A Starry Night

* Other ebooks to try:

COMING SOON - Christmas at the North Pole Compound - someone's tampering with the Christmas gifts... can Chief Elf Investigator Finius Flaherty find the Grinch -- and save Christmas? See ebooks for details.

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