July 20, 2008

Cooking in Miniature

(Pictured: The Southern Heritage Cookbook cover in miniature by Chris Verstraete)

It's no surprise that some of my best "cooking" is done in miniature.

As an avid dollhouse miniatures creator and collector, I enjoy making different things, but I'm always amazed at the realism of miniature food made from polymer and air dry clays. (Less calories too. ha!)

I am nowhere near as good as some of the more skilled artisans (see some of their incredible work at the Mini Food Blog.) but I enjoy trying new things and am pleased (usually) with the results.

For fun, Terri, the list owner of the Miniature Collectors Club at Yahoo Groups, decided to hold a contest called The Cookbook Challenge. In it you were to duplicate the page or cover of a favorite cookbook or scene.

I found the Southern Heritage cookbook at a flea market for $1. As I'd made some of the foods before, I thought the picture was something I could duplicate. Making the watermelon was something new for me and was fun to try.

You can see all the amazing entries at the group's Webshots page. The first place entry was pretty unique. I'm still happy as mine got second place.

** I forgot to add this:
For fun I also did a much smaller setting in half-inch scale.

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parlance said...

Chris, Browsing quickly around the blogs I like to look at, I stopped at yours. I have to tell you I thought it was full-sized food till I read the text.
Looks great to me.