June 11, 2008

Searching For A Starry Night - Contest & Blog Stops!

The SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT Blog Stops have begun!

** Today: Stop by Mayra's Secret Bookcase for an interview with me.

Searching For A Starry Night - CONTEST 1
* Take a chance to win a signed copy of SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT - ** and a special miniature collector's edition of chapter one of my book made by Lee Ann Borgia of LABH Miniature Books.
*** Be sure to check back tomorrow to read an interview with this amazing artist - and see a photo of this unique prize (I'm waiting for it to arrive by mail!) ***

Contest 1 RULES:
* 1. Sign up for my periodic newsletter; link here at my blog and on my website on the Starry Night page.
* 2. Answer 3 questions relating to miniatures and chapter 1 of SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT - answers and chapter to download can be found on my website.
* 3. Email answers to all 3 questions (copy and paste) with your full mailing address via the email on the CONTACT Page at my website, http://cverstraete.com/contact.html .
4. Contest ends JULY 4. Names will be matched to newsletter list; any entries that didn't follow rules or sent to any other email will be disqualified.
- Have Fun and Good Luck!!!

Contest 1 Questions:
* Question 1: What is the name of the typically English item found on the table in my teapot shoppe? (Hint: there are 2 pages)
* Question 2: Van Gogh sold how many works in his lifetime?
* Question 3: Sam doesn't like the idea of working where?