October 31, 2018

Happy #Halloween in Half Scale!

Finished the outside of my Half Scale Halloween Cottage. I wanted to do this one more colorful on the outside like the Halloween Porch. The front is a pebbled paper. The sides are corrugated card painted purple. 

The inside is done, but I haven't finished all the furnishings so I put them aside for now.   (see the beginning and the inside here. This was before the window trim was added.) 

I have been thinking about doing a really spooky, run-down house. I have a half scale Greenleaf kit that's been sitting around a while unfinished, so we'll see. It won't leave my mind. ha!

Click photos for full size.

The fence is from Lemax Spooky Town. Definitely improved it by doing some aging with black and brown paints. I made brick walls at the sides using the Lemax cobblestone glued over wood. I aged that, too, and added some sand-painted, aged wood strips on the top. I still want to add some moss and vines.

See Pennywise the clown in the back? He and the boy trick-or-treater are from an IT figurine set.

The peak decoration is actually a plastic piece I painted. I tried something different for the window by putting scrapbook paper in as I wanted it to look like you're looking outside when you're in the house. The view is dark trees.

The other set had the boy with the balloon but this set had the girl which I wanted (not shown she'll be inside), so I added my own balloon.

Love the costumed dogs. Also from Lemax, as is the dead grass mat. (Which sheds a lot, I learned.) I'm going to add some of the loose grass to the dog bases so they blend in more.

I love all the tombstones. I keep adding more to the collection. I have other small ones but they're in front of the Half Scale Country House right now. (Some general pix here. Wow, I can't believe I'd started that house in 2014. Where does time go?)

I'll add more inside stuff later. And maybe, maybe I'll start working on the run-down house. (I'll bet I need more tombstones!)

Happy Halloween! 

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