April 05, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Everything gets made in miniature

Thanks for coming back for the A to Z Blog Challenge (click link to see the 1,000+ blogs enrolled. yes that many!)

(And if you like horror and all things zombie, I and my co-bloggers will also be blogging daily over at GirlZombieAuthors so be sure to check it out.)

Today's letter is  E for Everything Miniature!

Yes, eventually everything gets made in miniature. Honest.
I had to share this: I was watching The Hobbit movie (pretty good, tho too-much-fighting! and again was struck at how amazing that hobbit house is.

Well..... someone actually made it in miniature.

You have to see this!!! 

Miniature Hobbit House 

The cool thing is it will be touring libraries in Australia.
Wow, would be incredible to be able to see this in person!

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