April 12, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge: K is for Miniature House Kit

Thanks for coming back for the A to Z Blog Challenge  2013(click link to see the 1,000+ blogs enrolled. yes that many!)

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Today's letter is K  for Miniature House Kit

Thought I'd share the before pictures of a miniature house before it's all pretty.

This is a half-scale house I bought partly built. I usually like to build it myself from the beginning - and now I know why as I made several changes! I blocked in some windows and had to remeasure the front windows as I wanted more wall space. I didn't want the house to be colonial but am giving it more of an old stone-stucco house look. I'm adding a base to build a shed with a pantry on the one outside wall and a small greenhouse for plants on the other side. 

The living room was stained dark so I lightened it up by painting the walls and part of the fireplace ivory. The ceiling will be stuccoed after I paint the staircase opening. I also am adding a staircase but had to make a small landing that has to be turned since the stairs enter from the back instead of the front. A lot of planning. You have to keep steps in mind when you're doing a house like this. But in the end it's worth it!  In case you're wondering, the strip on the outside of the wall is electric tape for lighting the house. 

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