April 10, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge - I is for In Miniature Style II

Thanks for coming back for the A to Z Blog Challenge (click link to see the 1,000+ blogs enrolled. yes that many!)

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Today's letter is I 

The most fascinating part of creating in miniature is, done right,
 it can be enough to fool the eye into thinking it is real.

It's a unique experience to enjoy the trappings of real life shrunk down to Lilliputian size.
It's even more fun to do it yourself.

I love decorating in miniature, figuring out the interior design, picking the colors and the items that make a miniature house a home. The top view of my logo includes two room interiors - the left is part of a small scene set in a birthday card. The right is one of the rooms in a half scale shadow box house. Below is my favorite room from my miniature "Dogcatcher's House."

The room is one of the projects featured in my book, IN MINIATURE STYLE II. The book includes profiles of other miniaturists' work, photos and over 40 how-to projets. Available in print, eBook and PDF. 
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