April 01, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge 2013 A is for ....

The only fool today may be me (ha!) since I decided to sign up again for the A to Z Blog Challenge (click link to see the 1,000+ blogs enrolled. yes that many!)

But it is a great endeavor, encouraging you to blog daily from A to Z during the month of April.

(And if you like horror and all things zombie, I and my co-bloggers will also be blogging daily over at GirlZombieAuthors so be sure to check it out.)

Here at this blog I'm going to concentrate on my miniatures and other crafty type subjects, probably with some dogs thrown in.

So to start it off... nothing too fancy - A is for .... all my miniatures.

I've been creating in miniature for 10+ plus years and I still love making things.  
See a few of things I've made at my website - click on miniatures.

This is one of my favorite projects, The Dogcatcher's House. (click link to see all the photos.) Feel free to guess - how many dogs are in the house?)

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