March 25, 2011

In Miniature Style II Coming Soon: See Completed cover! EBook links available!

Finally! My new miniatures how-to book, IN MINIATURE STYLE II is on its way! The first copies will be coming soon and it'll soon be available for sale.

** BUY: In Miniature Style II ebook - Author page (eBook Vol 1 and II)

** Download other formats: Smashwords In Miniature Style II ebook

** See project info and photos In Miniature Style II

Stay tuned for the launch party with sales links, prizes and who knows what else!

Here's a better look at the back, featuring my food table and the fabulous paint can scene by miniaturist Fern Rouleau, who's also featured and supplied a really neat how-to! Love her imaginative work!


  1. Oh boy! Congrats, Chris! Another beautiful cover!

  2. How exciting Chris! I can't wait to see your book, it looks like it is full of wonderful projects :)

    Victoria ❤

  3. That is a very nice cover, very creative:)

  4. Thanks all! yeah I kinda like the cover too. Ok, a lot and it's my favorite color -yellow! haa!


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