February 07, 2011

Miniatures Monday: The Tudor Half-Scale House in Progress

For a change, I thought I'd share a project that I finally am making progress on.

I bought the house a while ago and had papered the inside, but needed to put in the floors and do the outside. So I've been working on it and hope to finish soon.

The bottom floor is a garden/flower shop. The floor is painted tile. The ceiling is the formed "tin ceiling" sheet.

Front counter on first floor is made of matboard trimmed with wood trim and wood strips on top. I glued a garden picture from a magazine to the front. (Ignore the nail polish bottle. ha!)

The side bookcases filled with garden supplies. I glued two bookcase kits together from SDK Miniatures and added a slightly wider top. (I love her furniture and flower kits. Go together well and good prices!)

The top floor will be a cafe/bookstore. The walls are covered with textured paper. Th ceiling is sand-painted and I'm going to add some flat "beams." The window isn't glued in it. Some lace trim made perfect curtains!

I changed the original windows to add a double window on top and a bay window on the bottom. The front is now covered in white stuco (lightweight Spackle) and has several worn brick spots showing through. (Brick is painted plastic sheet brick; add layers of color by sponge-painting, then seal. Glue to surface and layer stucco around it to make it look like the surface was worn away.)

This is what I have so far; I'll do another post with the next stage. I'm trying to make a counter for the cafe with a clear top as I want it to show a selection of cakess and it's not working how I want yet. I need to find something to use for "glass." Or I may end up buying one.

* See my other miniatures at my website.

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  1. Looking good Christine! i really like how the front of your house looks.

    Victoria ♥


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