February 05, 2011

Miniature Gifts!

I'm so behind that I figured I'd better show the mini gifts I got from my mini friend Kitty in Holland. She always makes such fantastic purses, totes and display boxes. I'll have plenty for my ladies' shop I've been collecting things for. (forever!)

The robe is a pretty iridescent fabric, and it's hand-sewn! The tote and bag are great too! She also hand sews her pillows and most of her mini clothing. And she knits the hats, too. Something I can't do!

We've been friends and trading minis for about 10 years now I think? It's always fun and we both enjoy sharing our projects.

Next time I'll show the fantastic things she sent for Valentine's Day! After that, I'll show the half scale Tudor house/shops in progress, so be sure to come back Monday!

1 comment:

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