December 31, 2010

The Top 10 Most Annoying Things and People from 2010

A new year is always a good time to look back... well sometimes it is. Here are some of the annoying things from 2010 that I at least hope don't get repeated in 2011. What are yours?

In no particular order:

1. Lady Gaga's meat dress.

Yuck. Not trendy or cool. Disgusting. Wasteful. Selfish. Pretentious. People are still starving in the world so is it a good idea to "play" with food? And how about putting on some clothes when walking around in public?

2. Justin Bieber.

Enough "Baby Baby." Funny, I saw quite a few Justin dolls and other stuff left over in the stores after Christmas.

3. Twilight.

Can we get back to "real" vampires already?

4. Sarah Palin.

Talk about cashing in.

5. Hearing another person interviewed on TV say "I'll do anything if it keeps us safe."

They probably will, and does it -- really?

6. "Celebrity" news

Since when are they "news"???

And speaking of celebrities - please enough reasonably cute + young + zero or average "singing voice" equals a big recording deal and overplay on the radio.

7. Idiots on Reality Shows

Everyone wants to be famous. Many (most) shouldn't be.

8. Cheap tricks

Manufacturers love changing packages to give you less and make you pay more. And it's always a big secret.

9. Yucky tasting products

Anyone else notice that regular chocolate like Hershey's now tastes terrible? And some store brand products like cheese crackers that were once good, now taste like garbage? Switching to cheaper ingredients only makes the consumer switch to another product and brand.

10. Talking, Talking...

"I'm a witch." And that qualifies you for public office?

"I made buckets of money last year." Etc. Good for you.

"I ---" (fill in blank).

The key? Too much of the word "I."

** Okay these are just a few that come to mind. What are your annoyances from 2010?


  1. OK, I'm probably from the dark ages since we don't have TV, but several things and/or people on your list were ones I had never even heard of. I guess my "most annoying list" contains things a bit closer to home - such as tomatoes (200+ pounds of them) that had to be picked green when the first frost came and that are still decorating my kitchen as they slowly ripen. I think we'll still be eating them when next years crop comes in!

    Does that put me in the "I" category?

    Seriously though, your blog title was interesting enough to make me want to know more!

  2. I am absolutely sick of our government playing the blame game. Suck it up and deal with it. I don't care who's fault it is anymore - someone fix the problem (which ever one they are tackling). I am also sick of their inability to cooperate with each other. They are not in preschool.


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