November 16, 2010

Two Sentence Tuesday: Steampunk'd + Killer Valentine Ball Blog Tour!

(Note: I'm also on a blog tour for my "creepy" short story, "The Killer Valentine Ball." Be sure to stop by Nancy's blog and comment. One person during the tour will receive a free copy of The Killer Valentine Ball. Click for links and details.)

** Figure I'd play along with the Women of Mystery's Two Sentence Tuesday.

I'll share two sentences from my new story, "Edison Kinetic Light and Steam Power" by C.A. Verstraete now out in the new STEAMPUNK'D anthology from DAW Books. i already shared the beginning in a previous post since the story is excerpted on the title page of the anthology.

Here is part of the conversation between Thomas Edison and his sister, Alva, about the ruling Puritan Party. (Yeah, I cheated... this is a little more than two sentences. ha!)

"Sister, don't you see how my other idea could make your life so much easier? Instead of the repeated lighting, cleaning and relighting, you could flick a lever and have a source of light, ready for your use."

"Thomas, hush! You can't let anyone hear this. If you want to help, get up and clean the rest of the lamps for me."

"I'll do that, but you know there has to be something to the idea if the Puritans are so against it. One of the leaders, Master Dogood, denounced inventing totally, calling it 'a tool of the devil.' Hogwash! Why would God give us an imagination except for it to be used?"

About the book:
Steampunk can be defined as a subgenre of science fiction that is typically set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian setting, where steam power is prevalent. Consider the slogan: "What the past would look like if the future had come along earlier." The stories in this all-original anthology explore alternate timelines and have been set all over the world, running the gamut from science fiction to mystery to horror to a melding of these genres.


* For Barnes & Noble's Nook


  1. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. I love Steampunk.

  2. I'm a fan of steampunk and Edison-based fictional forays! Yours sounds like a (Do) goodie!

  3. Oooh, this sounds fascinating! I'll be picking it up for sure.

  4. I've been reading about steampunk, but not actually reading it. However, I will be any day now because it sounds very cool. I've been seeing steampunk jewelry, steampunk pens, everything steampunk in Etsy. This could make a big splash.

  5. What did those Puritans know?
    Sounds good. Love to read it.


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