April 19, 2010

Miniatures Monday: Back from Dollhouse Shows

The fun of the dollhouse show season! I was a guest author at the IMA - Independent Miniature Artisans show in Schaumburg, Friday and Saturday, run by the always charming and stylish Thelma Lewis DeMet.

Lot of fun! Good crowds, sold some books. Boy, it's hard to see how you can get so tired just talking. ha! Fun to see some familiar faces and names from The Camp and Roomboxes from Yahoo Groups.

Good to see one of Roomboxes moderators/founders Gale Evans! DM from The Camp was chipper, despite that illogical fear of gnomes! See The Camp link above - she even was hoping that gnome would take a flying leap. ha! (Gasp - she dared touch one??)

Well, of course I had to buy a few things too!

The house purse kit shown above was from Michelle's Miniatures. It was so cute I had to get one. And I got the quarter scale spider web chair and table too - I want to use the spider web as a side table for my half scale project in a gothic clock case.

She has some really cool stuff I hadn't seen. Wanted to get the fortune teller's box but she was out of it. Check out the amazing gypsy wagon, too. Cool stuff.

* I also bought some great half scale gothic furniture kits from Susan at SDK Miniatures. I LOVE her new gothic line; the chairs look very cool in 1" scale too; so will have to get those for the wizard I think. I love her plants, too, and got a pretty red half scale carnation kit.

Sunday I went to the Bishop International Show. I didn't go last year so good to see some familiar faces and enjoy things I can't afford but can sure admire! Sadly I didn't take any pix. I saw so many great items! A shame that because of the volcano a few vendors didnt' make it. Even worse, one poor lady was sitting there without her merchandise as her luggage didnt make it! What a nightmare!

It was fun to see Anna Hardman, whose wonderful hand-sculpted dolls are even more beautiful in person. If you haven't seen them be sure to take a peek at her site!

***(NOTE: Anna's beautiful doll, Livia, recently won a 2010 Doll of the Year award - they are now voting to choose a winner in the miniatures category. (Her doll is the first dollhouse doll chosen for the category!) Winners will be announced in August/Sept. You can vote here.

Nancy Cronin also had her great dolls there; unfortunately, I just missed seeing her, but her witches always make me laugh! A fun weekend!

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  1. Some of the English Exhibitors didn't make the Chicargo show and some did. They are now stuck out there until the flights resume. x


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