March 02, 2010

Sci fi anthology Timeshares out today

I just got my copy of Timeshares, a time travel anthology from DAW Books, edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg.

I'm tickled pink for many reasons. It includes my story, "A Night to Forget," in which a woman visiting an unusual travel store gets tickets for a dream trip to see an exhibit about the Titanic - and finds the experience more real than she ever expected.

It's also my first appearance with this publisher. Check out the cool back cover (see my name?) and be sure to go check it out at your local bookstore or Amazon.

Not that I'm the reason to buy it, of course! (Oh? ha!) The anthology is organized around a frame story by noted author Kevin J. Anderson involving Timeshares, a company that allows customers to vacation anywhere in time.

It includes the story, "By Our Actions," by noted fantasy/sci-fi author Michael Stackpole and features stories by: Robert E. Vardeman, Matthew P. Mayo, Greg Cox, Dean Legett,Annie Jones,Kelly Swails, Chris Pierson, James M. Ward, Jody Lynn Nye, Vicki Steger, Gene DeWeese, Patrick McGilligan, Steven Saus, C. A. Verstraete, Donald J. Bingle, Allister Timms and Linda P. Baker.


  1. Sounds so exciting--being published! What a dream! As it is, I don't even have time to read anymore much less write!

    I painted one spooky painting last night but plan to do a few from you to choose from. We all have a visual idea in our head's and I want to do several for you to select from--maybe one will match what you had in mind. The rest I will put in my Etsy shop!


  2. My husband designs museum exhibits for a living. I think he would get a kick out of the idea that a visit to one of his exhibits would mean a travel through time! What an interesting premise!


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