March 15, 2010

Miniatures Monday: More Weird Plants

Another selection of odd plants.

They seem to be the only things I am finishing lately in mini, that is besides the writing, of course.

Latest plants: a mini corpse flower and an interpretation of the Rafflesia. I love the red and the dots! Oh, and a bonus with the corpse flower- no smell. haa! (Haven't seen one in real life; not sure if I'd want to!)

(I did make a larger one awhile ago, but I have to find it, of course!) The plants are all made from Crayola Model Magic clay that was painted. The blue pot is a water bottle cap.


  1. Neat spooky plants, Chris--I am slowly getting our swap items together but was under the weather today and just sat reading The Lovely Bones--sad.


  2. Those plants are indeed weird, but still so fascinating to learn about. Imagine, huge flowers that don't look anything like flowers and certainly don't smell like flowers! Rotting meat? Ewww!

  3. CUTE! They're like something from Alice in Wonderland or Willy Wonka!


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