February 06, 2010

Pink Miniatures for Pink Saturday: An early Valentine

Getting a late start today for Pink Saturday at Beverly's blog, How Sweet the Sound.

I also stopped by Jeanne's blog at Back Yard Neighbor - she's showing some great vintage Valentine's today. I love those!

Seeing so many beautiful pink cakes and mini goodies lately on The Mini Food blog got me in the mood to create a Valentine's scene.

I had this table and several cakes, so decorated a few more and made some mini magazines which was fun. Hadn't done these in awhile. But there are some great covers out there! (I added the pic with the penny so the non-miniaturists can get an idea of size.)

I included a couple of the cover pix already shrunk down for you to use. Just add your own back cover. These magazines have a slight edge so leave about 1/16" of white space in the center.

Megan's Miniatures has some great modern magazines to print, too.

** Be sure to come back for Miniatures Monday and see an amazing original - an award-winner, too!


  1. Love your Pinks. Happy Pink Saturday. Don't forget to visit me. It is your only chance to enter my giveaway.

  2. OOOOOO your table is so Pretty Pink... great job on the tiny magazines... Happy Pink Saturday.


  3. I enjoyed seeing your miniatures. I set my 8 inch Ginny dolls up in scenes and have a picture today on my blog for Pink Saturday. You might enjoy seeing it. I also have a 1:12 dollhouse that has been a work in progress since
    1981. Perhaps some day I'll get it finished! Happy Pink Saturday. Enjoyed my visit.

  4. Oh I love all these tiny things especially the magazines. Happy Pink Saturday. I have enjoyed visiting your lovely blog. I hope you have a wonderful new week.-

  5. Love the little Valentine's table and thank you so much for the magazine printies! I've saved them to print them out! Wonder what kind of paper to use?! Hmmmm..


  6. Oh that table is just darling! I used to make mini-magazines for my dollhouse and then for my cousins when I was younger...I'd cut out the pictures on the subscription cards in Mom's magazines. :)

  7. That is the cutest little table! I had the opportunity to purchase a vintage doll house for $32 this weekend and I passed it up! Now I wish I had bought it. I just couldn't figure out where I was going to find time for one more project :) Have a great week! Terri


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