February 15, 2010

Miniatures Monday: Greenhouse Front

I finished the front of the Witch's Greenhouse so thought I'd share a photo. I added a front mat from that snakey print fabric and put some of the inner wallpaper on the door panels. There are green hanging beads in both windows. I like the flower emblem on top; the shop has more of a hippie feel to me, doesn't it?

Well sharp eyes will see that I haven't added one thing yet - the doorknobs! Had to look for them! haa!


  1. Looks lovely so far Christine. Like the Green Beading hanging down in the window..

  2. Chris, I love it!!! It looks fantastic, even without the doorknobs! ;-)

  3. Looks great! Love that snake fabric!
    You asked if there were more pics of the 'Love Shack' in my mini garden. Unfortunately it's just a facade but maybe one day it wouldn't be too hard to build a room behind it...now you've got me thinking!


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