February 08, 2010

Miniatures Monday: Congratulations to Anna Hardman for Doll of the Year Award!

Doll maker and IGMA Artisan Anna Hardman can add another title to describe her amazing, hand-sculpted miniature dolls - award-winning!

Anna's wonderful miniature porcelain bride, Livia, made from her own original mold, was named a 2010 Doll of the Year Industry Choice Winner from Doll Reader Magazine.

Doll Reader Announces 2010 DOTY Industry's Choice Winners

Artist Miniature Doll
• Tiny Wonder, by Claire Taylor Dolls
• Livia - Victorian Bride, Anna Hardman
• Elle, by Laura Tuzio-Ross
• Little Darling “Joy of Life,” by Gabriele Mueller, Gaby-Dolls
• Chocolate Bunny Surprise, by Goodreau Doll

Anna, who sculpts many of her own dolls, says this doll is special as it was named for her grandmother, Livia, a rare name in Russian. Sadly, Anna says the week she finished the doll she'd found out that her grandmother, whom she called Babushka Livia, had passed away in Ukraine. But she feels her grandmother "must have been watching over me or something."

Anna decided to dress the 5 1/2" tall doll in late Victorian style, deciding to go "the less the better. I didn't want to lavish her with flowers and gems and ruffles. She portrays youth, beauty and sadness. No Victorian woman was very happy to get married then."

Congratulations, Anna! The recognition is well-deserved! Be sure to check out her other amazing dolls, too.


  1. A beautiful Doll and a very well deserved Doll Of The Year Award. The Doll is beautiful. Many Congratulations to Anna..

  2. Thank you, Candid, on your sweet little article and all congratulations. It was very nice of you to post it. I appreciate it. Debbie, thank you for your kind words about my art. It sure means a lot to me.

    Anna Hardman


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