November 17, 2008

Eye Candy: Christmas in Miniature

'Tis the season, well almost, even if the stores already had Rudolph fighting off the witches and gremlins for shelf space before Halloween was over.

I'm a traditionalist in that I've ignored any way-too-early Christmas carols and have no intentions of shopping until after Thanksgiving. But working in miniature, of course, means that holidays can be celebrated at any time.

Procrastinator that I am, I still haven't finished the Christmas room I began last year. So for fun (and maybe to push me to finish), I thought I'd share a few of the Christmas miniatures I already finished for my Christmas shoppe.

You also can see photos of my miniature Santa's House at my website.

This was the first time I tried making a Gingerbread House and I plan to do more.

I cheated, though, and made the walls, floor and roof with painted Crayola (TM) Model Magic air-dry clay. The roof pieces are covered with pre-baked FIMO oven-bake clay I cut in slices. The door was framed with bugle beads. (Note: Get a FIMO color chart and a useful color mixing chart here.)

Sweet Tooth

The real fun is making, and collecting, miniature food. These great cakes and cookies were made by my friend, Kitty, who has a way with clay and makes a lot of my food and most of my teapots. I'll feature her cheery Christmas Tea Shoppe later. (I did make the jar using a large bead.)

Other inspirations:

Check out the yummy plate of miniature Christmas cookies or this incredible Gingerbread House I found on Etsy. ( Ha! She even makes miniature food earrings!)

For fun, you can make your own Gingerbread House using this polymer clay tutorial. If you'd prefer an edible version, make this Graham Cracker Gingerbread House.

** Your Turn: What's your favorite Christmas tradition or craft? Is there a favorite decoration you enjoy bringing out every year?

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  1. Yes, Christmas is coming way too fast! I have kids, so I have to stay on top of this. In a week or so, we'll take out the advent calendar my Mom made when I was little and set it up for December.

    Now for minis....Gees, I still have halloween stuff to finish, let alone Christmas. But isn't that the fun of minis....being able to do what you want, when you want!!!

    Oh...and the ginger bread house in miniature! You got a lot futher then I did...I tried to make one when I sent you those cakes! I made the outside casing, and gave up! LOL! So 2 thumbs up 2 you!!!


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