June 13, 2008

Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery - in miniature!

Look who's reading "Searching For A Starry Night"!

Even the lady from my Teapot Shoppe was excited to get a glimpse of Searching For A Starry Night - to be released JUNE 15!!

(But you can pre-order now! See Amazon link at right.)

The miniature book was made by Lee Ann Borgia of LABH Miniatures - (see 6/12 entry).

** Want your own copy?? Take a chance to win a signed copy of SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT (life-size) and get your hat thrown in the ring to win the miniature copy too!

*** See details and contest rules at my blog below - or at my website news page.


  1. I love the little book......looks perfect!!

  2. That IS cool! Can you actually see the text? What a precious thing.

  3. Hi thanks for stopping! Yes you can see it.... but this one is a tad smaller... I've asked her to try another to make the text more legible though the book will then be thicker.

  4. I'd never seen this before. Holy crumb that little book turned out cool and put in with the mini collage...super neat!


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